Bienvenue!!! Welcome into the New Art Dimension De LUMIER: What means Light, Bliss, Luminous Great Healing VIBES!!!

All the Best, Spheres De LUMIER @



Hello Dear Friend! You are very Welcome into a New Luminous Dimension of Art, which we decided to name with a Beautiful French Word : De LUMIER - what means Light, Luminous Expansion.

We wish You lots of New InSpirational Discoveries in this New 2019 Year! Be Blessed with Your Own Over-Soul and have a Great 'Bonne Voyage' on the Waves of Nouvelle VISION...

Lumier Universal Dimensions January , 2019, xoxo

The Current Issue dedicated to the new Discoveries in Beautiful Art Dimensions of Surrealistic REALMS...

You will meet New 'HighLights' about:

1) Spheres De Lumiér'

2) Best Art Collections

3) Sweet Art Photography

4) Aphrodita SPA and Wellness Treats

5) CUP D"AMOUR AUCTION - New Releases!

6) Spiri-Vie Nouvelle Publications ( links)

7) Luminous Art Dimensions (links)

8) InSpirational Messages from Surreal realms'

You are Welcome to visit Our Beautiful Portal of  InSpirational Publications and get Your Personal copy of  'Lumiér' 1 for a small fee ( donation) , flexible : ~ 1 EURO +,  @ Our BEST Wishes!!!  GRAND L'AMOUR!